Suggestion: Flag/Report Feature

New posts and major edits to existing posts are sent for manual review and approval. This system works to keep low-quality and objectionable content off of Light.Fish, but comes with a few drawbacks:

-Not scalable- There is only one Miles. As Light.Fish continues to grow, the moderation workload will quickly become impractical
-Long wait times- New listings and edits can take days or even weeks to be approved. This is extremely frustrating for users
-Consumes large amounts of Miles’ time – Moderation diverts Miles away from site improvement or bug fixes. Heavy moderation workloads could lead to burnout.

A flag or report feature allows Light.Fish community members to identify low-quality, rule-breaking, and objectionable content. This has several benefits:

-Scalable- The community grows along with the volume of listings
-Less workload – Avoids the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of manually approving all listings and edits
-Efficient- Miles can focus on flagged/reported content instead of sifting through everything
-Community engagement

Hmm, yeah this is a tough one - for what it’s worth about 90% of listing submissions get rejected, most are low effort, bad quality images, poor descriptions etc. I like the idea of having trusted community members moderate the marketplace. If there are some folks interested in assisting with content moderation, I would be open to building out a set of moderation tools for those users!

My previously listed and approved items were recently updated and only one of the three were approved. New to the site so wondering if perhaps i did something wrong? Just wondering when my shrimp and snails could be approved again?