Snails- freshwater

I don’t see a topic for freshwater snails. Let’s start one.:grinning:
I have a few questions regarding zebra nerite snails. Do they like to live in groups or are they solitary? Most of the lit seems to indicate the latter.
How long can they sleep?
Do they eat only algae? The lit seems split on this.

Here is a short of my snail on its first day.
“My first snail since I was a kid. So far the zebra nerite snail seems happy.”

I think it is a female. Would you agree?

Regarding supplemental feeding of nerite snails, I have read and , in my limited experience , found that they don’t eat the algae wafers. I am wondering if a non- sinking shrimp food, like the glas garten baby shrimp food, might work. One of the reasons I went to sinking food only for my shrimp is that the non-sinking food got all over the sides of the tank and the shrimp did not seem to eat it. That characteristic would seem to make it a good supplemental food for nerite snails. Thoughts?