Neocardinia shrimp care

I recently started a Neocardinia davidi tank. I am absolutely fascinated. I have 5, three females and two males. I think I have two berried females after a frenzied mating day awhile ago. I would love to read stories and hints about shrimp tanks.

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What type of camera works best to monitor these little guys? Will a Google Nest camera catch them? :roll_eyes:

Feed them a lot and water changes. Before you know it, you will have 100s. Cull out the bad shrimp and only keep the very best.

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For my particular tank and room lighting it seems that the google nest camera doesn’t work. I just get reflections rather than views into the tank. Any suggestions for either helping this camera to capture the shrimp or for another camera?

Any suggestions on good nets for these little guys?

What size is your aquarium?

4 gallons , thank you.

Any of these small nets are pretty good:

With a tank that size you’ll want something that’s easy to maneuver.

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It seems that sinking foods work best for my tank. I am experimenting with making my own sinking food with agar agar and my powder food. Do any of you make your own food? If so, have you any recipes that you would like to share?